TV Shield pro lite

Professional Series

*5 Year Warranty

TV Shield pro lite canada

Anti-Small object entry design

Perfect for

Schools (Gym), Jails / Prisons, Hospitals, Psychiatric Institutions, Group homes, Airports, Hotels, and any other high traffic areas.

Features Easy Mounting & Display Acces - This unit is like a Picture Frame


120 Volt 35 CFM

Ultra-Quite Fan

.25" Thick Powder Coated Aluminium front Frame (Paintable and Lightweight)

Security Pin-In Torx Screws for Anti-Tampering and Anti-Theft

Unique Security Tool for Frame Installation Removal

Sleek & Stylish Picture Frame Design for Areas Where Looks & Aesthetics are Crucial

.177" Thick Ultra-Clear Shatterproof Polycarbonate Front Shield

Heavy-Duty Lag Bolt & Concrete Anchors for Base Frame Attachment Reliability

Multiple Secure Easy

Access Cable Pass-Through Points

(Eliminates Need to Relocate Power Supply)