Commercial Series

*7 Year Warranty

Often Used in

Schools, Stadiums, Airports, Terraces, Restaurants, Hospitals, Correctional Institutions, Manufacturing Plants, Dusty Environments, Government Buildings, etc.

IP55 Certified & Tested* (IEC 65209)

Vertical or Horizontal Orientations

60 PPI Filtered Vents

TV or Display Protected with 0.350 Gauge HMWPE Back Housing

Fan System Available for All Units and Pre-Installed on Some Models

(Heater Optional)

0.222 Gauge Ultra-Clear Lexan Polycarbonate Front Shield that is Replacable in the Event of Vandalism

Shield is Semi-Permanently Affixed with Security Screw System Around Entire Front Panel for Increased Protection

  • Facebook TV Protec
  • Instagram TV Protec
  • Twitter TV Protec
  • Google TV Protec