TV Shield PRO Lite 75-85

The TV Shield Pro Lite 75-85" « Most 85” Displays Fit, Compare Display to Enclosure Specs »


The TV Shield PRO Lite is a sleek cost effective protective TV enclosure built using lightweight aluminum for ultimate strength and durability. Perfect for indoor TV protection or outdoor applications that need strong screen defense rather than full weather-proofing, this cover is ideal in high traffic buildings, institutional environments, schools, hospitals and more.


The unit's base frame bolts to the wall using heavy duty mounting hardware, while the enclosure attaches to the base frame using a high strength security screw system for the ultimate defense against removal from the wall (this is an open back design). The TV Shield PRO Lite ® features .177" thick ultra-clear shatterproof polycarbonate for the front shield and a .25" thick aluminum front frame. This protective TV and digital display enclosure will hold up in the roughest and toughest environments including federal correctional institutions and mental health institutions. (Anti-Ligature Hood available)

Our customers favor The TV Shield PRO Lite environmental TV protection solution for TV defense over other TV cabinets due to its sleek picture frame design, larger size options than other TV protection solutions, easy install and maintenance functionality, durability, and security. The TV Shield PRO Lite LCD TV cabinet and digital signage case is the ideal TV protection solution to defend a TV against hitting, punching, tampering, thrown objects, vandalism and theft in locations such as group homes, schools, airports, hospitals, psychiatric institutions, jails, prisons and any other high traffic areas.

TV Shield PRO Lite 75-85

C$2,589.99 Regular Price
C$2,199.99Sale Price
Lift Gate Required ? (Shipped on Skid)
    • Compatible with almost every 75" to 85" TV or digital display (you can choose a TV with the technology and features you want)
    • 5 Year Warranty for Guaranteed Peace of Mind
    • Paintable heavy-duty and thick yet lightweight powder coated aluminum enclosure
    • Sleek and stylish picture frame design for areas where looks and aesthetics are crucial
    • Enclosure designed with minimal visible mounting hardware for a crisp look
    • Ultra-quite air circulation (120 volt 35 CFM ultra-quite fan) and heat exhaustion system
    • High strength shatterproof ultra-clear Lexan® polycarbonate front shield (anti-glare included)
    • Lightweight design 
    • Extremely easy installation process (can even be quickly installed over an existing mounted TV)
    • Multiple secure easy access cable pass-through
    • Advanced security screw system for ultimate TV and display protection
    • High strength mounting hardware for ultimate security to prevent tampering and removal
    • Anti-ligature (slope-top) available for enhanced safety
    • Anti-small object entry design

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