TV Shield PRO 65-70

The TV Shield Pro 65-70" « Most 70” Displays Fit, Compare Display to Enclosure Specs »


The TV Shield PRO is a weatherproof, secure and robust outdoor display enclosure that is made in the USA and built with a combination of lightweight aluminum and steel for ultimate strength and durability. Designed for use with any standard indoor TV or digital display, it is ideal for residential, commercial and professional markets.


Developed for outdoor areas, The TV Shield PRO's proprietary "Quick Install" system is faster to install and maintain than other metal TV enclosures and effortlessly opens with gas shocks for easy access to the display. The internal full motion mount with depth and height adjustment allows for perfect placement of the screen as well as easy added input and back of the display access. In addition, The TV Shield PRO can be used with any external standard VESA mount. The entire unit is secured with dual high strength chambered key locks and comes with a thermostatically controlled and filtered air circulation system.


The TV Shield PRO professional-grade weatherproof digital display and outdoor LED TV enclosure comes standard with anti-glare acrylic protective shields and has larger size options up to an industry-first 85 inch weatherproof television enclosure.

Our customers favor The TV Shield PRO for TV protection over other weatherproof TV cabinets and expensive outdoor TVs due to its sleek picture frame design (imagine a Ferrari with the durability of a tank), larger sizes options than other outdoor TV solutions, easy install and maintenance functionality, saltwater air damage resistance, durability, water defense, versatile temperature regulation and security. Grab a weatherproof outdoor TV cabinet today for your deck by the pool, the porch, your balcony, or even your office.

TV Shield PRO 65-70

C$3,079.99 Regular Price
C$2,659.99Sale Price
Lift Gate Required ? (Shipped on Skid)
    • Compatible with almost every 65" to 70" TV or Digital Display. You can pick and choose what technology and features you want in a TV.
    • 5 Year Warranty for Guaranteed Peace of Mind
    • Protection equal to IP-55 standards. (IP-65 equivalency for the available touch frame)
    • Paintable powder coated steel backplate & lightweight aluminum housing
    • Filtered ventilation system with thermostatically controlled fans
    • All hardware & components are stainless steel or powder coated
    • Includes standard (no up-charge), shatter-resistant anti-glare front shields
    • Front Panel Easily Opens with Hydraulic Gas Shocks for Direct Viewing and Maintenance Access
    • Dual chambered key lock system for optimum protection (rather than a screw or padlock)
    • Proprietary “ExactSeal™” Triple Sealing System for superior dirt & water intrusion prevention
    • Internal full motion swivel mount with depth & height adjustment for perfect placement of screen
    • All ventilation & cable pass-through systems are protected against bug & water intrusion
    • Mount Swivels for Easy Access to Equipment and Maintenance
    • Interior space for installation & protection of cable boxes, media players, amplifiers, etc.
    • Can be used with any external standard VESA mount (*Please check the weight capacity of your mount)
    • Can be flush mounted against (not in) the wall
    • Built in 4 outlet commercial-grade power strip with 12 ft. cord (grounded to housing)
    • Outdoor touch screen available - make any standard TV a weatherproof touch screen TV

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