TV Shield 50-60 (1 Fan)

The TV Shield 50-60" Weatherproof TV Enclosure « Most 60” Displays Fit, Compare TV to Enclosure Specs »


The TV Shield® is a universal PLASMA, LCD or LED TV enclosure that provides comprehensive water, dust, theft & tamper protection for most residential and commercial TVs and Displays. These weatherproof TV enclosures preserve and protect the TV, and provide an ultra-clear view of the television or flat panel display when closed, and when opened offer a direct view of the TV or display. Weather-resistant, lightweight, durable, secure and affordable, The TV Shield was created to withstand hot summers and harsh rain in everything from tropical climates, to harsh cold climates (with heater). 


The unit is using a HMWPE High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene plastic case "an outdoor plastic built to last 20 years or more". The unit also features a guaranteed not to crack, thick, shatter-resistant front panel built out of ultra-clear grade Lexan® polycarbonate (the same material used in bullet proof glass, racecar and spacecraft windshields).


The TV Shield is secured with two metal chambered and keyed locks which prevent theft, tampering and vandalism of your television.


The TV Shield is also available paired with a TV in a complete outdoor TV kit. Our customers favor The TV Shield for TV protection over other TV cabinets and expensive outdoor TVs due to its low cost, install friendly design, durability, water-resistance and security. Grab an outdoor TV enclosure today for your patio by the pool, the porch, your balcony, or even your business.


The TV Shield is currently used in over 12000+ locations in 20+ countries! 

TV Shield 50-60 (1 Fan)

SKU: TVS5060-1
C$1,469.99 Regular Price
C$1,196.99Sale Price
    • 3 Year Warranty for Guaranteed Peace of Mind
    • Protection equal to IP-55
    • Highly Durable HMWPE Back Housing
    • Two Filtered Louvered Vents that Prevent Heat Buildup and Water/Bug Intrusion
    • Shatterproof Ultra Clear Lexan® Polycarbonate Front Shield
    • Hinged Front Panel Easily Opens with Prop Arms for Direct Viewing
    • Dual Chambered Key Lock System for Optimum Protection
    • ExactSeal Sealing System for Supreme Water Intrusion Prevention
    • Lightweight and easy to install Universal design that works with any standard VESA mount
    • The TV Shield is a unique and patented design 

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