Heat/UV Film 30-40

Heat and UV Protection Energy Film - 30" to 40" enclosures


TV Protec recommends this product for any direct sun application to reduce direct sun on the television and heat buildup within the enclosure.


A technological breakthrough, This Energy Film by Artscape is the only spectrally selective self-adhering window film available. The film uses nanoparticle technology to allow visible light wavelengths to pass through while “selecting” harmful ultraviolet and heat producing infrared wavelengths to absorb and block at the window. It applies without adhesives, and once installed it will remain in place until removed. 


This Energy Film is a transparent window film that reduces solar heat gain in summer while allowing maximum visibility. Energy Film blocks 98% (Most of UVA and virtually all of UVB and UVC) of harmful ultraviolet radiation and blocks 70% of near infrared heat producing wavelengths. The film has good visual clarity with only slight tinting.


Applies Without Adhesives (Installation)


Energy Film will adhere to any smooth surface, including glass, Plexiglas and Polycarbonate .There are no adhesives so installation and cleanup are easy. Energy Film is perfect for Plexiglas and Lexan where removal of adhesives would ruin the surface. Energy Film reduces condensation on the window surface.

Heat/UV Film 30-40

SKU: EF3040
C$84.99 Regular Price
C$74.99Sale Price
    • Unit Sheet size: 26.5 X 43.25

    Please note due to the shield and application there will be space on either side of the shield that won’t get protected.This is not an exact cut fit to make it easier to install and the nature of the design.

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