Our Digital Display & TV Enclosures, The Display Shield & The TV Shield, Can Be Found In Over 25,000 Residential & Commercial Locations In 42+ Countries Worldwide

  • Transportation

    Indoor & Outdoor Transportation Digital Signage & Protection

    The benefits of using TVs and digital displays for indoor and outdoor digital signage are clear because this medium allows you to catch your audience’s attention the best way possible with engaging image, video, text, and sound capabilities. From providing entertainment and showing safety instructions to utilizing screens as third-party advertising space, from gas station, truck stop, bus, train station, airport, car dealership outdoor signs, car wash, to other public transportation digital signage, the advantages of transportation digital signage are limitless.

  • Manufacturing

    Protect Digital Signage for Manufacturing

    Be it protecting TVs or displays for outdoor or indoor facility areas, we have manufacturing signage protection options for various needs. Our enclosures is in high demand for manufacturing facilities and applications requiring debris or dust resistant and wash-down safe TV protection. Companies across the globe are saving thousands of dollars with our solution.

  • Food Processing & Grocery

    Supermarket & Food Processing Digital Screen Solutions

    Food manufacturing facilities, farms, factories, water processing facilities, and grocery stores have some similar needs when it comes to using digital signage for communication. Not only is the digital signage form of communication pivotal for communication both indoors and outdoors, be it streaming advertising, safety communications, schedules, inventory data, and more, but often these need to be durable digital signage solutions.

  • Education

    Indoor & Outdoor TVs & Digital Display Screens for Schools

    Communication is crucial, especially across elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Educational facilities have a growing need to improve communication in the digital age which has led to the use of digital signage networks that stay up-to-date and communicate messages in real-time. 

  • Government

    Digital Signage for Government | TV & Display Protection

    Digital signage is vital for efficient government processes. From wayfinding, to communicating safety procedures and real-time data, the importance of digital signage for government institutions spans from military bases, to court houses, prisons, and museums. 

  • Food Service

    Outdoor Menu Board Solutions | Food & Restaurant Digital Signage

    From restaurants, bars, and food trucks to food processing facilities and grocery stores, we are honored to be the trusted provider of protective TV and digital signage enclosures across the food industry. Below is a guide to common restaurant digital signage needs and ways our indoor and outdoor digital menu board and TV enclosures provide support.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare Digital Signage Protection

    Hospital Digital Signage can improve communication strategy in any healthcare environment. Hospital and clinic administrators work hard to ensure they design healthcare spaces that are comfortable and inviting for patients, clients, or guests. Thanks to modern technology, a quality hospital signage system can even utilize software to streamline real time communication across entire facilities.

  • Sports & Fitness

    Sports & Fitness Signage | Protect TV's & Displays at your Venue

    It is difficult to dispute the amazing advantages of utilizing TVs and digital displays for digital signage in sports and fitness facilities. From sports arena digital signage, skating rink displays, and dugout TVs, to electronic scoreboard signage, utilizing TVs and displays means being able to harness images, video, audio, and text as needed. Digital signage for gym and sports venues is a highly efficient way to improve the way you broadcast information or entertainment and boost your sales. 

  • Attraction & Theme Parks

    Commercial Digital Signage Displays for Theme Parks & Attractions

    TVs and digital signage play a key role for theme parks, family entertainment centers, escape rooms, zoos, museums, haunted houses, and many more attractions.

  • Retail

    Digital Signage Displays for Retail & Businesses

    Digital signage creates an entirely different effect on consumers than that of traditional signage - it attracts the eye through movement. The dynamic quality of a digital signage display for retail business gives retailers a powerful tool to wield inside and outside their stores for attracting more customers.

  • Business & Corporate 

    Business & Commercial Display TV & Signage Solutions

    From protecting TVs in building halls, conference rooms, and break rooms for news and entertainment to securing digital signage in those same locations or outside office buildings and businesses for internal and external advertising (revenue opportunities), digital signage and TVs are key for many businesses. 

  • Theater & Cinema

    Digital LED Poster Display & Cinema Signage Protection

    Transform your theater or cinemas and give your clients the power to interact like never before with theater and cinema digital display screens paired with TV's and our display enclosures.

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